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Detaljer og interiør

Main Restaurant

Delving into Hemsedal is about much more than cross country, downhill or off piste skiing. Skigaarden offers tasty locally sourced cuisine served on top of a mountain shelf in the midst of the slopes. Great food, great vibes and a great view at a unique location.

Explore a mountain of opportunities by visiting our selection of restaurants and let your taste buds be your guide on a journey which explores both Norwegian roots and traditions, italian traditions, as well as diving into the definition of a proper burger joint.

Book a table: 462 30 777 or: restaurant@skigaarden.no

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Traditional home cooked meals

Traditional home cooked meals inspired by norwegian and local roots, leveraging the abundance of access to local suppliers and produce. All this served in a casual bistro atmosphere. The restaurant strives to create a sophisticated yet simple and casual feel, both in our dining room and bar.

Our restaurant is open from 09:00 where we offer healthy breakfast, snacks and supplies for a successful day out in winter wonderland. A good, solid breakfast is about quality time, regardless of if consumed solo or enjoyed with family and friends we regard it as the baseline for a good day and the essence of a holiday that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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Vip shuttle
Skigaarden is located up the mountain, in the midst of the slopes. After the slopes close, some might regards our location a little off the beaten track, but fear not. If you wish to dine and enjoy our restaurant during the evening our vip shuttle will pick you, as well as making sure to get you home safely or to your next destination after your meal. The Skigaarden restaurant is lively and dynamic, so during the evenings reservations of both tables and shuttle is a must!