Gammelt bilde påsketur
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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, deep into the majestic mountains of Holdeskaret, there lay a traditional norse mountain farm. Farming was demanding and even though there was ample supply of fishing, hunting and foraging, operating the farm was marked by poverty and there was little to spare. As tourists discovered Hemsedal and the unique area of Holdeskaret, the farm become more geared towards traveller´s and bypasser´s needs. This was the start of Skigaarden...

This could have been the Skigaarden legacy, but unfortunatly it´s not. However, we enjoy playing around with the story and the idea of old, traditional farms. This is where we draw our inspiration from, and it keeps us on our toes, reminding us to create and deliver unique, quality services and products that we are proud of.

Skigaarden is for everyman and easily accessible whether you arrive by car, skis, board, bicycle or on foot. If you are resident, tourist, or just passing through for a short or long visit, arriving at Skigaarden is a good experience. Underground parking, easy access from ski slopes and cycling routes are designed in order to create a completely car free area. We have created good solutions for operating Skigaarden, with a clear distinction between being a guest or inhabitant of the Skigaarden mountain village.

The main lodge at Skigaarden is placed on an existing ledge and the area surrounding the ledge and the area surrounding the ledge. The dramatic landscape which encases Skigaarden, makes it so that the collection of small and large buildings of several floors falls naturally into the terrain. We have placed great emphasis on the use of solid Norwegian materials in modern and traditional style. Behind the selection of materials and building style there is a great amount of hard work. The common thread is quality, design and function.
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A dream come true

After years of dreaming and visualizing, the time was ripe and it was finally feasable to build a Skigaard up high in the norwegian mountains.

Skigaarden is located right amidst alpine landscape, well proportioned in relation to the terrain, based on traditional local architectural style and developed as a activity and leisure mountain village for skiing, alpine, and mountain enthusiasts. The buildings are sturdy, and are designed in order to endure mountain climate, with rough dimensions and adventurous mood.

Inside the buildings there are sheltered living areas and separate apartments with great comfort, with stunning views of the magnificent landscape. There has been emphasis on placing the settlement in order to create intimate, sunny, welcoming and last but not least car-free outdoor spaces. The main square is intended as a natural gathering and ski-arena with exits from the slopes direction you straigh to the main square. The great strength of the Skigaarden Square is the location, making it a well placed resting place in the middle of the slopes, amidst eateries and service areas in the surrounding buildings.

The apartment buildings have a more modern expression, among other things due to larger windows, but with the same weathered, rough, natural materials and color setting as other buildings. Facades have gray or dark black-brown color. Roofing is peat, slate and wood. Over time the buildings will become sun tanned and aquire a natural patina that traditional buildings in Hemsedal are known for. Skigaarden puts high emphasis on aesthetic and eco-efficient solutions in architecture and materials.
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