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The development plan for Skigaarden…

The development plan for Skigaarden is based on the same method large farms were developed in, in ancient times. One constructed, built and developed the farm as it was needed. This resulted in that one often can see ancient farms with buildings of different architecture and functionality that together form a yard. We are inspired by this and are therefor developing Skigaarden after the same principle - commencing with the main lodge.

The main lodge - apartments for rental
Guests at Skigaarden shall be offered the best of the best. With experience from the cabins at Storelia, we have developed an accommodation product adapted to both families and companies. Guests can stay at Skigaarden in premium surroundings with premium service offerings in immediate vicinity. We meet your expectations and welcome you to a the top shelf experience.

The Old farm - more than just accommodation
Skigaarden will be a gathering place for skiers, built with reference to norwegian tradition and culture. The old farm is part of the yard at Skigaarden. Completely inspired by our history, and honoring both history and tradition as good as we can, we will let it expand over time. Founded on familiar and solid building materials such as beam, stone and with sod roofing . Our goal is that the old farm is going to supply you with a brand new experiences within accommodation, while it simultaneously serves as an environmental creator at Skigaarden.

Hemsedal - Over 50 years of skiing experience.

The ski resort has hosted since 1961 constantly evolving and is one of Scandinavia’s most modern. Skistar which owns and operates one of the world’s leading operators of resorts and jobs continuous development and improvement.

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Hemsedal ski tunnel - a vital part of the Skigaarden dream

“Hemsedal gives an united and victorious yes to the Skigaarden ski tunnel”
wrote local news paper, Hallingdølen 30/06/2012

There currently excists a proposal concerning an indoor cross-country track for year round use. The trail will deliver a stable temperature of -3 degrees, and is planned to have 800 meters of windows with lovely views over the mountains in Hemsedal. The length of 2600 meters will contribute to raising the bar, and marking it as the world’s longest indoor ski tunnel.

The starting point and finish line will be integrated as part of Skigaarden, which will make Skigaarden a natural meeting point for all ski enthusiasts, all year round. The facility is designed so that parking and other necessary functions will be closely linked to the use of the skitunnel.

The skitunnel is designed by Hermod Bjørkestøl (NSF), a world authority in the field of cross-country design slopes. The trail will offer great variety with opportunities to train moderate, and in addition find usable interval slopes.

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